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You will watch the film Avatar, keeping in mind what we hav

You will watch the film Avatar, keeping in mind what we have learned in Chapters 1-5 of our class. The movies is available for rent through multiple sources such as Amazon Prime & iTunes. You will then respond to writing prompts for each movie. This is your opportunity to display your comprehension and application skills as they relate to our class readings. Although this is a reflection paper, I will be looking for the incorporation of key terms, definitions and direct relationship to the class readings.The reflection paper should be three – four type-written written pages (double spaced, 1” margins, 12 pt. font) that address the listed prompts. The paper should be in APA format including in-text citations and a reference page.You will turn in the film reflection assignments to the appropriate assignment boxAvatar Writing PromptsUsing what you have learned in TC Chapters 1-5, you will discuss the movie Avatar. First, select four scenes from the movie – one that correlates as an example to each of the following topics:◦ Intercultural Competence◦ Individualism/Collectivism◦ Empathy◦ Perspective-TakingThen for each scene, describe the characters and situation. Finally, discuss why that scene is an exemplar of the topics above. Use key terms and definitions from your readings.Required Texts & Other MaterialTing-Toomey, S. & Chung, L.C. (2012) Understanding Intercultural Communication, (1st ed). Oxford University Press, NewYork: New York. ISBN: 978-0-19-5330069LISTED AS “TC” in Tentative ScheduleCameron, J., Landau, J., Worthington, S., Saldana, Z., Ribisi, G., Rodriguez, M., Lang, S., … Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation. (2010). Avatar. Beverly Hills, Calif: 20th Century Fox. Scorsese, M., Cocks, J. & Endo, S. (2016) Silence. Beverly Hills, Calif: Paramount Pictures.

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