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We always want to put our best foot forward, and most often

We always want to put our best foot forward, and most often times we do this in the way we look or present ourselves. In academic writing, this translates to the format of how we present our work on paper, and because we are not always there to present our work in person, we always want to make excellent first impressions. In most fields academically, on paper, we do this by using a very structure, specific format: MLA. (The Social Sciences such as Psychology mostly use APA, and the Hard Sciences such as Biology and Chemistry mostly use a combination APA and CSE.) Every time, you submit a final paper/essay/project in this course, I am expecting you to practice and utilize this very professional, MLA format. To help you with learning the ins and outs of MLA, this week we are going to work on parts of the format, namely the very important Works Cited Page. Happy Writing! KellyDirections for Works Cited Page AssignmentPlease review the MLA Citation Guide PowerPoint below. MLA Citation .pptxBased on the information in the PowerPoint and the links within it create your own Works Cited page that includes the two articles ‘How To Mark a Book’ and ‘Why Our Future Depends on Libraries…,’ and the TED Talk ‘For these women, reading is a daring act…’ from Week 1. Make sure to follow the formats precisely! We always want to be looking our best, and part of that in writing is how something looks (the format). Remember that an MLA Works Cited page has the following qualities:Has the title “Works Cited” in the center of the pageEntire document is double-spacedHas a page number preceded by the author’s last name in the top right header(Ex: Allen 1)Each entry has a hanging indentOrganized in alphabetical orderEverything is in 12pt Times New Roman FontTo receive full credit, please submit a completed Works Cited Page in MLA Format with your three sources. Here is the format and examples of how to cite a TED talk in MLA that is not clearly stated in the PowerPoint Lecture. Format: Author(s). “Title of Video.” Website Title, Website Publisher (if different than title), uploaded by Name of User, Date of Upload. Example 1: “Biology: Cell Structure.” YouTube, uploaded by Nucleus Medical Media, 18 Mar. 2015.Example 2: Raqib, Jamila. “The Secret to Effective Nonviolent Resistance.” TED, Nov. 2015.PreviousNext

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