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typed & double spaced response (about one page) How susta

typed & double spaced response (about one page) How sustainable do you live? Are you aware of your water usage? For ex, do you let water run while brushing your teeth? What is your water footprint? you eat organic food? Do you ride a bike instead of drive? What does your refrigerator say about you (and/or your family)? Is there lots of left-over food that often gets thrown out? Do you plan what to buy vs. randomly buy without checking what you have in your fridge?Pick one of the three topics and answer the question; be ready to talk about all three topics in class: What do you know about Chile’s history? Is the author making a valid argument about democracy’s fragility? Global Water Crisis – what is your view on this issue? the ICC important for a global community? ************************************************************************* Th 2/21

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