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Total word count: 300Before you begin, make sure you’ve ca

Total word count: 300Before you begin, make sure you’ve ca

Total word count: 300Before you begin, make sure you’ve carefully read the Discussion Information document located in the Course Documents Module. There you will find exactly how to organize and engage in discussion, as well as the criteria by which your contributions will be assessed. There is an example there and details about the process of dialogue I expect in these discussions.For this week’s discussion questions, you will apply the theory and knowledge from Chapter 11 – Product, Branding, and Packaging Decisions.QuestionsWatch the video and answer the question below:Link to video: In your opinion, should NIKE call the product “leggings” or “tights?” Could this have a major effect on consumers purchasing behavior (revenue)?Will this naming of the product effect their brand image? How?What about men, do men call this attire “leggings” or “tights?” What would you call this attire for men? Is there a market for this product for men?Background Story (context)Leggings are everywhere! Leg wear has become so popular because of comfort and convenience — no ironing or binding waistbands; it is no wonder that so many women wear them. The women’s business has proved lucrative for Nike, growing 20% in the fiscal year ended May 31. That’s twice the rate of its men’s business, which grew 9% to hit revenue of $14.7 billion. Retailers such as Lululemon and Athleta already have a dedicated customer base snapping up stylish leggings and colorful sports bras. And the women’s fitness movement has gotten so big that it’s enticed everyone from fast-fashion retailers like H&M to lingerie queen Victoria’s Secret to designer Tory Burch to launch sport lines in recent years. Compression tights are the latest in athletic performance wear, and some runners swear they improve their performance by helping them to run longer, faster and even recover more quickly with less soreness. But does science back up those beliefs?What are tights?Tights are made from a thick variety of nylon or a blend of cotton and lycra. They help cover your foot and stretch all the way up to your waist. They are slightly thicker than stockings, but are worn the same way as them. Wear them with shorts – denim shorts by day and cotton shorts in the night.What are leggings?Leggings are footless and can extend right down to the ankles. They resemble pants and have become a fashion statement thanks to their snug fit! They come in a variety of prints and patterns. Choose a pair that help flatter your legs. Feel the need to experiment? Try on a pair of ballet pumps or leather leggings with a fringe high-low top.

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