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This Essay Must be taken seriously. Must use proper Grammar

This Essay Must be taken seriously. Must use proper Grammar

This Essay Must be taken seriously. Must use proper Grammar and present a College level paper.BUSINESS PLAN: Starting an NBA basketball team. ‘San Jose Techs’. You are the Chief Financial Officer (CFO)LOCATION: San Jose, CaliforniaMust be AT LEAST 6-7 pages + 1 reference/citations page.AT LEAST 12-15 references/citationsThe paper must be written with the following format guidelines:APA FORMAT guidelines (6th ed.) – include 12-point font (Arial or Times New Roman only), one-inch margins, double-spaced lines, and page numbers.Overall document should have one cover page (template on gauchospace).Each section must have in-text citations to reference sources, as well as include a reference page at the endPersuasive – to convince the reader with equipped reasons, arguments, and justifications of their point of view.MUST INCLUDE at least 2 self-made tables/graphs to illustrate key facts, details, and justifications of the business strategy and plan. Don’t just insert it. You must explain how it supports your argument.Spelling errors, incomplete sentences, and other grammatical errors will be subject to deductions. Please be sure to spell-check and proofread your work. Also, where appropriate, make sure to use citations to reference workI HAVE ATTACHED A BUSINESS PLAN GUIDE AND A PREVIOUS WRITTEN ESSAY YOU CAN USE FOR HELP.Chief Financial Officer (CFO) – Section Breakdown:PROSPECT BUSINESSMarket Size1. How large is your city’s economic GDP/GDP Per Capita, and how does it stack up against existing cities with NBA franchises?Required Information -★ Does the population have any effect on this ratio?★ What industries are key for the city’s success and financial prosperity?Competitor Revenue Analysis2. Who are your direct competitors (professional and amateur sport teams [can be in other states/in close proximity; if your city has none], collegiate sport teams, etc.) and how have they fared in your market (or close in proximity to your target market) over the past five years (ex. avg. game day revenue, media right deals, sponsorships, merchandise sales, maximized bookings, and subsidies – if applicable)?3. Based on these numbers, what is your prospective main source of revenue generating (stadiumrevenue, media rights deal, merchandise sales, or revenue sharing…) for your franchise during its first five years?Required Information -★ Factor in how other NBA teams have dealt with the same scenario – evidential support.★ How does a specific target audience affect these numbers?★ Does your team address an underserved market, or better improve on existing teams within the city/area? DOES NOT NEED TO BE A NBA TEAMReferencesList in alphabetical order all associated references from this section. Please refer to APA standards in citing.• Each position/section has no page maximum or minimum. However, avoid unnecessaryfiller sentences and repeating information.WE AIM to Create a culture of business officials to gather in a less professional setting while still maintaining a high dollar feel with innovative technology to stay engaged with the game on a whole new level.TARGET AUDIENCE: is mid to high class business associates aged 30-50 (GEN X generation)We strive to PROVIDE: A high class space to host your employees or get together after a day in the officeWe will make our DISTINCTION from other similar arenas by including luxury seating and suits, high dollar box seats, and restaurants with top notch food and cocktail menus, bottle service, poolsOur main goal is to be an outlet and an escape for all of the hardworking businessmen and women in San JoseShort Example:CFO -Financial Prosperity. Toronto is, without a doubt, the business capital of Canada. According to the site, the city’s financial prosperity is due in large part to the city’s hosting of the ‘top dogs’ in Canada’s financial services industry, including “the headquarters for five of the nation’s largest banks and the majority of the foreign banks/branches available in Canada” (“Economy and Finance section”, n.d., para. 8). In the 2017 Global Financial Centres Index, Toronto was ranked as having the 10th most competitive financial center in the world, alongside existing NFL cities such as New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Boston (Table 1, p. 4). The Financial Services industry is just one of the twelve key sectors working together to keep the economy of the city thriving, but it’s the strongest, as The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service reports, “employing 251,000 people across the region” (“Financial Services section,” n.d., para. 15) . Furthermore, they note in the next sentence that this represents 70% of Ontario’s and 36% of Canada’s financial services sector employment.

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