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This assignment consists of 2 parts: Part 1: Answer question

This assignment consists of 2 parts: Part 1: Answer question

This assignment consists of 2 parts: Part 1: Answer questions Write Oracle SQL statements to create a table called Employee with the following attributes and associated data types.Write Oracle SQL statements to insert new records to the Employee table. The program should do the following:Check whether data has been loaded to the table properly. Employee EmployeeID CHAR(9) LName CHAR(15) FName CHAR(15) PhoneNo CHAR(10) — Trident Bookstore — Please enter the Employee ID: Jimmy2345 Please enter employee First Name: Jimmy Please enter employee Last Name: William Please enter the phone number of the employee: 714-456-3456 Note: Add at least 2 records of the data Oracle live SQL does not support some of the commands such as ACCEPT. It is helpful to learn these commands though. Part 2: Write Essay Database Queries and Reports You are to finish the project by applying what you have learned to generate queries (ask questions) of the database. For the same bookstore database, write SQL statements to provide the following information for the output specified in the SLP: Employee information (e.g., employee name, address, phone number, hiring date, salary, etc.) Information about the books and CDs in the bookstore (e.g., title, author, price, etc.) Sales of CDs and books, searchable by date Current inventory status of books and CDs Any other output you think appropriate Write a 2- to 5-page paper that includes your SQL statements and screenshots of the results tables in the DBMS (database management system). use the included powerpoint presentation and word document to supplement the tables in the powerpoint for part 2

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