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the writing will be about Read Combs Ch 5 and Martin 4. Onl

the writing will be about Read Combs Ch 5 and Martin 4. Only referanss is the chapter. I suggest using a three-ring binder to store your journal entries after they have been read and graded. Each journal entry should contain several paragraphs, written in your own words, and should conform with the following format:Journal FormatAuthor______________________ Reading Title ________________________Your Name ___________________ Date ______________________________ SummaryWrite from memory, noting what you recall as the main ideas of the reading.IntegrationIn your own words, how does this reading “connect” (amplify, contradict, substantiate, etc.) to other information about this topic? The other information may be in the form of other readings, news stories, or images of the police portrayed in popular culture.What do you see as the implications of the ideas covered in the reading?ApplicationHow can you use the information in this reading?Does the reading change your view of some aspect of policing? Explain.If you think there is no application for the material, say so. However, provide a rationale for your position.Evaluation Describe your reaction to the reading (like, dislike, etc.). Why?Who is the appropriate audience for this reading? Why?What would make the reading more useful?5.Essay questionCreate an essay question based on the reading that requires critical thinking (comparing, analyzing, evaluating, critiquing, justifying, etc.). The question should be capable of being answered by someone who has read this and earlier readings in our class.STRET WORD , DIRECTE STYLE , YOUR ONLY REFERENSS IS THE CHAPTER5 .

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