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The theme is homeless youth in San Francisco. You can refer

The theme is homeless youth in San Francisco. You can refer

The theme is homeless youth in San Francisco. You can refer to the Recommendations in the second file for solution.Please write (at least) four paragraphs.The first paragraph should be a clear, concise summary of your problem (probably around 6-8 sentences), with specific and quantifiable data proving that it really IS a problem. This problem does not need to be identical to the problem you wrote about in your HCP, though it should probably be closely related to it. If the problem in your HCP remained too broad, however, you’ll probably want to specify the problem more, identifying something clear and quantifiable that you can actually imagine being solved.Now, in the next three (or more) paragraphs, I’d like to you discuss possible public policy solutions for your problem, listing resources and examining what might be the best you’ve found so far.You might begin by writing a paragraph about what type of solution you see as ideal for your problem. Why? What exactly would it do to mitigate the problem? Who—what kind of department, agency, group, or…—would do it? For example, if your problem is a problem located in California, you’ll want to think about California-specific government agencies, departments, laws, or groups that would directly relate to this problem. If your problem is national in scale, however, you’ll want to think about national policy solutions.You’ve probably already come across lots of suggested solutions to your problem while researching for your HCP. Start with these. The goal of this assignment, though, is to find specific, pre-existing proposals by members of Congress, government agencies/officials, think tanks, advocacy groups, community organizations, and academics which would begin to address your problem. For housing-related issues, a center like the Joint Center for Housing Studies (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. at Harvard University could be very helpful; for other problems related to poverty and inequality, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. might be a good place to begin.The last paragraph of this assignment might be about which solution you think is the best so far—and why.

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