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The repeated reproduction technique used in memory studies i

The repeated reproduction technique used in memory studies i

The repeated reproduction technique used in memory studies involvesthe same participants remembering some information at longer and longer intervals after learning the information.different groups of participants remembering some information across different periods of time after learning the information.the same participants remembering some information for as many trials as it takes to recall all of the information correctly.the same participants recalling some information many times but, each time, receiving different retrieval cues to assist their recall.5 points QUESTION 2The “wedding reception” false memory experiment shows that false memories can be explained as a product of familiarity andretroactive interference.consequentiality.source misattribution.confabulation.5 points QUESTION 3Bartlett’s experiment in which English participants were asked to recall the “War of the Ghosts” story that was taken from the French Indian culture illustrated themisinformation effect.familiarity effect.constructive nature of memory.reminiscence bump.5 points QUESTION 4Jeannie loves to dance, having taken ballet for many years. She is now learning salsa dancing. Although the movements are very different from the dances she is familiar with, she has found a successful memory strategy of linking the new dance information to her previous experiences as a dancer and to her own affection for dance. This strategy suggests reliance onthe self-reference effect.a mass practice effect.the integrative experience effect.semantic memory.5 points QUESTION 5“S,” who had a photographic memory that was described as virtually limitless, was able to achieve many feats of memory. According to the discussion in your text, S’s memory system operatedin a manner that bypassed normal neurological “blocks.”less efficiently than normal.using more visual encoding than normal.using stronger semantic connections than normal.5 points QUESTION 6Which example below best demonstrates state-dependent learning?Last night, at the grocery store, DeShaun ran into a psychology professor he took a class with three semesters ago. He recognized her right away.Even though Walt hasn’t been to the beach cottage his parents owned since he was a child, he still has many fond memories of time spent there as a family.Although Emily doesn’t very often think about her first love, Steve, she can’t help getting caught up in happy memories when “their song” (the first song they danced to) plays on the radio.Carmen always suffers test anxiety in her classes. To combat this, she tries to relax when she studies. She thinks it’s best to study while lying in bed, reading by candlelight with soft music playing.5 points QUESTION 7___________ memories are to experiences as ___________ memories are to facts.Semantic; implicitImplicit; episodicEpisodic; semanticProcedural; episodic5 points QUESTION 8Lucille is teaching Kendra how to play racquetball. She explains how to hold the racquet, how to stand, and how to make effective shots. These learned skills that Lucille has acquired are an example of ___________ memory.workingsemanticproceduralautobiographical5 points QUESTION 9Within the realm of conversational speech, knowledge refers to themeaning of a conversation.rules for combining spoken words into sentences.tendency to see relationships between spoken concepts even when those relationships do not exist.previously understood information that we bring into the conversation.5 points QUESTION 10The concept of language can best be thought of as a ________.processdialoguecognitionsystem5 points QUESTION 11Lexical ambiguity studies show that people access ambiguous words based onthe identification of a single meaning for that word.the meaning dominance of each definition of the word.the word that comes immediately before and the word that comes immediately after the ambiguous word in the sentence.a bottom-up progression of meaning comprehension.5 points QUESTION 12Which of the following is key to the illusory truth effect?CultureSourceRepetitionStress5 points QUESTION 13Retrograde amnesia is usually less severe for ______ memories.remoterecentanterogradeemotional5 points QUESTION 14Boxing champion George Foreman recently described his family vacations with the statement, “At our ranch in Marshall, Texas, there are lots of ponds and I take the kids out and we fish. And then of course, we grill them.” That a reader understands “them” appropriately (George grills fish, not his kids!) is the result of a(n) ____________________ inference.narrativeinstrumentanalogicanaphoric5 points QUESTION 15Which of the following is NOT a conclusion from the case of H.M., who had an operation to help alleviate his epileptic seizures?The hippocampus is necessary for forming new long-term memories.Short-term and long-term memories are controlled by different mechanisms.Short-term and long-term memories can operate independently of each other.Long-term memories are unaffected by damage to the hippocampus.5 points QUESTION 16According to the cognitive hypothesis, experiences that occur during periods of rapid personal development followed by periods of stability tend to be easier to remember due to which of the following?Narrative rehearsingCultural scriptsStrong encodingYouth bias5 points QUESTION 17When the methods used to encode and retrieve information are the same, this is called ________ processing.state-dependentstimulus-fluencytransfer-appropriaterecall-potentiation5 points QUESTION 18When two people engage in a conversation, if one person produces a specific grammatical construction in his or her speech and then the other person does the same, this phenomenon is referred to asanaphoric inferencing.phonemic pathing.syntactic priming.5 points QUESTION 19Schrauf and Rubin’s “two groups of immigrants” study found that the reminiscence bump coincided with periods of rapid change, occurring at a normal age for people emigrating early in life but shifting to 15 years later for those who emigrated later. These results support thecognitive hypothesis.self-image hypothesis.narrative rehearsal hypothesis.autobiographical hypothesis.5 points QUESTION 20The concept of encoding specificity is grounded in which of the following?TaskStructureMoodLocation

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