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THE MEASURES OF INTELLIGENCEIntelligence as a concept and as

THE MEASURES OF INTELLIGENCEIntelligence as a concept and as

THE MEASURES OF INTELLIGENCEIntelligence as a concept and as a measurable construct has long presented researchers with challenges. One approach to understanding intelligence that was formulated by Raymond Cattell (1963) is the concept of fluid and crystallized intelligence. Fluid intelligence, at the broadest level, is the ability to extract meaning from uncertainty, to draw inferences, and to recognize relationships between ideas and concepts. Crystallized intelligence can be demonstrated by applying skills and knowledge appropriately.Using the Capella University Library, locate two articles that address the relationship between the aging process and these two types of intelligence. Post a link to the articles as well as a summary and analysis of each. Some questions to consider in your response could include (but not limited to):What questions are being addressed by this article?How relevant is the question being posed?From what theoretical perspective do the researchers seem to be proceeding?Are there other theories that could also be considered?Be sure to relate the two articles to one another. To what extent do they expand upon the questions each raises on its own? Support your observations and claims with appropriately cited references to the articles and to any other readings that are relevant to your analysis.Please remember, this is discussion, but it is scholarly discussion. As such, your posts need to reflect having read and applied the course material. Your discussion posts (initial and peer response posts) should contain in-text citations and a reference list, and follow APA style and format.

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