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The Holy Bible teaches us to love one another as Christ love

The Holy Bible teaches us to love one another as Christ love

The Holy Bible teaches us to love one another as Christ loves us. Meaning, we should strive to continue to help one another in times of need and that includes the health and wellbeing of everyone. This world is not for us to dominate one over another but to be God’s stewards and take care of the land and care for one another. The U.S. has sustained a fragmented healthcare system for years and continues to do so today. Yes, there is a right and no there isn’t. The U.S. is partially allowing rights to healthcare with programs established across states such Medicare, Medicaid, private insurances, and charitable distributions. The programs such as Medicare and Medicaid set limitations such as income thresholds and other criteria in order to be able to qualify and even then, it is limited on what they pay. Private insurances require a monthly premium and still the individual must pay out of pocket expenses depending on the illness. People who don’t qualify for any of those programs because of qualifications or unemployed without any assistance are left in the dark. Sure, EMTALA is established for emergency purposes but this doesn’t solve the needs of the people who may need it the most. The policy makers need to be educated in health care and allowing people who are experts in this field speak up instead of deciding and voting based on their political agenda. I believe the right question would be “when will the see dramatic improvements in obtaining the right healthcare standards and programs for the overall American people?” The healthcare today is so fragmented that there may be slight improvements in one area, but another area of care gets overlooked. Today we see a huge gap of age groups who are left to fend for themselves because they don’t qualify for anything. No money, No coverage, No care.100 words either agreeing disagreeing or relating to

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