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The following topic:Effective Strategic PlanningPlease use t

The following topic:Effective Strategic PlanningPlease use t

The following topic:Effective Strategic PlanningPlease use the following steps to write your Literature Review Essays.1. Search for relevant research articles:Search for five (5) academic social science research articles (you must use list of journals provided below) that deal with the assigned topic. Based on “key words” of the topic, search the reference article databases from our Golden Library webpage. Read and review the five (5) article abstracts from this search, then pick your article to print and read completely. Your article should be from the last 15 years (i.e. 2003 to 2018).2. Write an “annotated bibliography” style Essay on each article:An “annotated bibliography” style essay consists of first providing the article source information (i.e. author, title, citation), and then providing a summary of the article (note: you cannot simply copy the article’s abstract, you must create a much longer summary in your own words). Your citation must follow the American Psychological Association Style Guidelines.The summary of each article should contain the following:The purpose of the article;The design and/or methodological approach of the article;The findings of the article;The conclusions of the article;Your own thoughts about the article;Keep quotations from the article to a minimum; and,Make your article summary from 800 to 1000 words in length.All of your articles MUST come from journals in this list of academic periodicals in the field of strategic management studies. No exceptions! Academy of Management JournalAcademy of Management ReviewAdministrative Science QuarterlyBritish Journal of ManagementEuropean Management JournalGlobal Strategy JournalInternational Journal of Applied Strategic ManagementInternational Journal of Strategic Change ManagementJournal of Applied ManagementJournal of ManagementJournal of Management and StrategyJournal of Management StudiesJournal of Strategy and ManagementManagement QuarterlyOrganization ScienceOrganization StudiesStrategic Management JournalOthers:Applied Financial EconomicsContemporary Accounting ResearchHealth Marketing QuarterlyInternational Journal of Applied ForecastingInternational Journal of Production ResearchJournal of Applied FinanceJournal of Business Economics & ManagementJournal of Marketing ManagementJournal of EconomicsJournal of Management and Marketing ResearchJournal of Product Innovation ManagementJournal of Small Business ManagementJournal of Strategic MarketingSystems Research and Behavioral ScienceBritish Journal of Administrative ManagementPortuguese Journal of Management Studies

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