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Suppose that you are a prison warden. A group of incarcerate

Suppose that you are a prison warden. A group of incarcerate

Suppose that you are a prison warden. A group of incarcerated individuals calling themselves the ‘Sun Devils’ claims that they are a religious organization. They request that the institution grant them permission to chant at the sun at noon each day as part of their First Amendment rights? How would you determine whether you must grant these requests?Should convicted people under parole supervision enjoy the same constitutional rights as law-abiding citizens? If not, which rights should be withheld? Should these rights be granted after a person successfully completes parole?Please expand indepth and use APA format and the chapter provided must be used in text as leastonce.Post in depth (3-4paragraph) APA cited posts with in text/reference list (Quality is key)(APPLY THE BOOK ANDAT LEAST ONE OUTSIDE SCHOLARLY SOURCE, CITING (IN TEXT AND REFERENCE LIST) ANDPARAPHRASES AS WELL AS THE RESEARCH)Chapter 5 fromthe book is the uploaded filePlease make sure that what you write uses the critical thinkingprocess. Make sure what is written doesn’t just address peripheral issues butuses analysis and creative thought. Don’t just recite facts/textual informationbut be sure to also address the issues being questioned. Make sure what iswritten is articulate/understandable and free from errors in grammar,punctuation and/or usage.

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