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Submission details The assessment task is due on the date

Submission details The assessment task is due on the date specified by your assessor. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor. Submit this document with any required evidence attached. See specifications below for details. Performance objective The candidate will demonstrate the ability to analyse and improve personal leadership style and professional competence and to lead organisational transformation and learning for strategic outcomes. They will exhibit their understanding of leading transformational practices, cultivating collaborative practices, completing ongoing professional development and providing strategic leadership in a dynamic context Assessment description This assessment task consists of written task. Using the provided journal article, as a basis together with your own research, discuss the relationship between transformational and change leadership. Procedure In your discussion, include: Ways in which an organisation’s objectives, plans and strategies are driven by Transformational and Change LeadershipDescription of a range of leadership styles and the effects these have on responding to the impact of change on people and processesRole of collaboration in change processesOutline of data collection methods utilised in the journal article and their findingsExplanation of organisational design and building in responsiveness of operations to change in customer or market conditions based on the findings of the journal article and your own research. Specifications This assessment task requires a substantive discussion and the production of a written report. You must: meet with your assessor to clarify the questions if requiredprovide suitable examples where necessarygive reference to information you have gathered from any additional sourcessubmit your notes. Your assessor will be looking for: ●reflect on and improve own development, personal leadership style and self-management skills ●demonstrate the application of leadership styles and approaches appropriate to individuals involved, the outcomes being sought and the context ●model and encourage collaboration ●provide strategic leadership during a change process ●effectively manage workplace relationships ●analyse relevant legislation, information and intelligence sources. Adjustment for distance-based learners ●No variation of the task is required. ●Documentation can be submitted electronically or posted in the mail. Assessment Task 2 – Observation Checklist Did the candidate? Satisfactory Yes No Identify strategies to create a climate that encourages and allows for the receiving and giving of constructive feedback Outline data collection methods Apply transformational and transactional leadership practices State the significance of the organisation’s mission, purpose and values Evaluate leadership styles and adjust for different contexts Examine ways to encourage collaboration Draw upon personal expertise of self and relevant individuals to present methods to achieve strategic results Discuss methods to seek and encourage contributions from relevant individuals Model collaborative communication and learning approaches in the workplace Outline approaches to cultivate existing and new collaborative and participative work relationships Discussed importance of positively conveying organisational direction and values to relevant individuals and relevant stakeholders Analyse the impact and role of leadership during organisational change Explain organisational transformation and the management of the stages of change Develop learning and communication solutions to address problems and risks arising for individuals during organisational change Identify leadership styles and develop approaches to best respond to the impact of change on people and processes

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