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Study Chapters 9 and 13 in your textbook. Pay particular att

Study Chapters 9 and 13 in your textbook. Pay particular att

Study Chapters 9 and 13 in your textbook. Pay particular attention to sections of Chapter 13 that discuss Transformational and Servant Leadership. These two models empower members to carry out their own responsibilities with both the necessary authority and accountability, as well as trust. In today’s organizations, value is created when each member has a direct line of sight to the customer and is empowered to serve that customer. Transformational and Servant Leaders prepare their followers to be more than they think they can be and to assume greater responsibility. In other words, to lead themselves and then lead others. Write an essay that answers the following questions:Which of these two leadership styles would work best in your organization (Mcdonald’s)? If the organization is not already using one of these two styles, what is a plan to move toward one or both? If the organization practices empowerment, how can it strengthen leaders in the necessary skills? How do you prepare future leaders to act on the Vision and Mission in your organization?Would the structure of your organization have to change to support these leadership styles? If so, how?Note: My organization is Mc Donald’s, so the answer you provide should be about the Organization I mentioned that is Mc Donald’s Corporation.Attached is the grading rubric please make sure you follow it.

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