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Step 1: For this journal, write a quick paragraph answering

Step 1: For this journal, write a quick paragraph answering

Step 1: For this journal, write a quick paragraph answering the following questions:Part 1:Describe the grocery shopping process in your household? Who does the shopping? Where? How many times a week? What are some of the most common/popular items in your fridge? Which items from your fridge do you find that you end up throwing away most often? Why do you think they are not consumed? How many times a week do you and your family eat out? Do you eat out or eat in more often? Part 2:What percentage of food do you think the average household wastes? The United States as a whole? (Just guess!) Why do you think people end up wasting food? How can we work to waste less food? Step 2:…For this week’s TED Talk, please watch Stuart’s The Global Food Waste Scandal: Then, respond to the following questions;1. How does Stuart first become concerned with food waste? 2. What kind of evidence does he provide to prove his point? Were you surprised by his findings?3. What are some of the consequences of food waste? To humans? To the environment?Step 3:…Please watch the following video from late night talk show host, John Oliver: Then, respond to the following questions1. John Oliver uses humor to present a very important issue, food waste? What does he claim is happening in the United States? Why?2. How does Oliver’s talk compare to Stuart’s? Who do you find more credible? Why? Both author’s present true facts. How does the way the present it affect their reliability?3. Are you guilty of food waste? What was the last thing you threw away (food-wise)? Could it have been eaten?

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