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Stakeholder Identification and Analysis DETAILS: This is ass

Stakeholder Identification and Analysis DETAILS: This is ass

Stakeholder Identification and Analysis DETAILS: This is assignment that is focused on identifying stakeholders for your Capstone Project and conducting a stakeholder analysis. From the PMBOK Guide (5th ed.) and other resources, you should have identified that a stakeholder analysis can be conducted using one or more ‘classification models’: Power-Interest Grid, Power-Influence Grid, Influence-Impact Grid, and a Salience Model. If you are unfamiliar with these models, you need to read or re-read your courses textbooks and do some research. Identify ALL project stakeholders including their roles and the influence/power/interest associated with each. By understanding this fundamental information, you will be better prepared to manage stakeholder expectations and ensure all those with a stake in your project are involved and engaged as required. REQUIRED ACTIONS: IDENTIFY STAKEHOLDERS: carefully and thoroughly read through your project documentation, carry out additional research on similar projects, and identify all of your project stakeholders. Capture this information in a Stakeholder Register. You MUST think beyond the obvious and ask who would be impacted by or could have an impact on this project. Create a way to capture this information such as a chart, table, or matrix. CONDUCT A STAKEHOLDER ANALYSIS: Using one OR more of the classification models found on p. 396 of the PMBOK Guide (5th ed.) along with any other models or techniques you discover during your research, conduct a stakeholder analysis. Illustrate your analysis using a grid format coupled with a table that explains the results. If you discover a different approach, you may use it as long as you explain and justify this method. It is advisable to use MORE than one of the models. The more you analyze and assess at this point, the less potential for problems with stakeholders you will have later in the project lifecycle.

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