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SO YOU ARE COMPILING TOGETHER A POWERPOINT PRESENTATION 15-20 SLIDES ON TEENAGE SMOKING AS A HEALTH CRISIS. I HAVE A DRAFT POWERPOINT. YOU ARE TO ADD TO WHAT I HAVE WITH MORE CONTENT AND MORE REFERENCES. PLEASE INCLUDE ALL THE MATERIAL I WILL GIVE YOU. YOU ARE DOING THE POWERPOINT AND SLIDES AND I WILL RECORD AUDIO MYSELF.Select a topic and get instructor approval to move forward with it. Selectyour target community group that you will focus on educating. It shouldconsist of approximately 10 individuals. A minimum of two differentteaching sessions should be presented to the same group at least oneweek apart.Onceyour topic is approved and a teaching group is chosen, you will create ateaching plan, hold your teaching sessions, and then evaluate theimplementation.Thefinal product you submit will be a presentation that details the entireprocess: your chosen topic, the teaching style you used, and anevaluation of your actual teaching. (See categories below for details toinclude.)Prepare a15- to 20-slide presentation that is a minimum of 20 minutes induration. You should have APA formatted in-text citations within yourslides for any outside sources used and your final slide should be areference slide that lists all resources used for the assignment.Items to Include in Presentation: Providea comprehensive statement of the problem using the epidemiologicalprocess including the distribution, determinants, and deterrents. Incorporate at least four current literature review findings as a theoretical base for your project/paper. Describecommunity resources available to meet the need of the specificcommunity in this problem area. Summarize the resources available anddescribe their effectiveness for the community. Describeyour selected group. Identify and summarize the learner needs of yourselected group. What are the needs? Why does this group need to beeducated on your chosen topic?Identifyand describe developmental and teaching/learning theory/theories usedand why they are appropriate to the learners you targeted.Describe in behavioral terms your specific planning process for your project and overall teaching goal for your participants.Evaluate your teaching experience. Reflect on the following questions. What went well? What did not? What would you change if you were teaching this topic to a similar group at a later date and why?

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