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Select any four of the six questions of your choice. Each qu

Select any four of the six questions of your choice. Each qu

Select any four of the six questions of your choice. Each question should be at a minimum of two pages with all parts answered. No title page necessary, you can use any sources to develop your answers and you do not need to cite the sources. This first research set the foundation, parameters expectations for all other critical thinking assignments.Compare Lincoln’s plan for Reconstruction, the Wade Davis Bill, Johnson’s plan, and Radical Reconstruction. Evaluate the successes and failures of Reconstruction2 Define the problems faced by Radical Reconstruction governments. List the major accomplishments of these governments.3.How did the Federal government post-Civil-War policies in the West affect Native Americans? Discuss the characteristics of the Carlisle Indian School. How successful was the school in achieving assimilation of the Indian children? 4.How did decisions regarding mining, farming, and ranching shape the development of the Southwest?5.Explain the conditions that led to the rise of big business in the nineteenth century. Define the terms vertical and horizontal integration, trusts, and corporations.6.Why did American cities experience explosive growth in the late nineteenth century? How did municipal governments respond to the challenges of urban growth?history 109 american history

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