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Review the Capstone Theory of Change Paper instructions loca

Review the Capstone Theory of Change Paper instructions loca

Review the Capstone Theory of Change Paper instructions located in the Online MFT Program Handbook and the Capstone Template.Write a 15- to 20 page draft of your Theory of Change Paper that you will submit in MFTO 608. Apply the feedback you received on your outline. Format your paper according to APA guidelines.Click the Submit Assignment link in the upper-right corner to upload your assignment.I am working with a married couple you have helped me on this before the PowerPoint uploaded should give you information on the couple. The paper uploaded is a paper you did for me on how to Improve the PowerPoint. this is just info that will hopefully help you with this. Information about couple is also in the power point This below is stating whats needed in the paper Capstone Project The purpose of the capstone project is to assess the student’s ability to integrate knowledge of MFT theories, models, and research with clinical practice. There are two portions to the capstone project: 1) a theory of change paper and 2) a clinical presentation. Each portion is described in more detail below. Students must pass both parts of the capstone project in order to graduate from the program. Theory of Change Paper Students will write a 15-20 page theory of change paper of professional, journal quality using primary source material that addresses from an integrative perspective his or her primary theoretical orientation for treating relational systems. This paper will demonstrate an intellectual exercise in which the student presents his/her theory of change based on research and theory. The paper should demonstrate critical thinking. Rather than consisting of disjointed pieces, the sections of this paper should inform one another. For example, one’s philosophical/theological/spiritual considerations should make sense in light of the theory one chooses and vice versa. The paper must adhere to APA 6th edition standards. Students may use first person in the writing of this paper. Students should use 15-20 references. The paper should include the following sections/topics: ● Introduction ● Literature review on systemic change in therapy ● Theoretical considerations (one or no more than two theories/models*) including a discussion of each model’s assumptions and description of dysfunction and change ● Philosophical/theological/spiritual considerations of change (minimum of two references in addition to sacred texts such as the Bible, the Qur’an, the Talmud, the Vedas, the Book of Mormon, etc.) ● Integrated theory of change – Based on research, theoretical considerations, and philosophy/theology/spirituality, what is your theory of change? How do you integrate these topics to explain your theory of change? ● Discussion of therapy utilizing your theory of change with a relational client system â—‹ Assessment/engagement â—‹ Interventions â—‹ Termination 13 ● Conclusion *model(s) must be systemic and approved by the MFTO 607 faculty memberInformation about couple is also in the power point

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