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1. Introduction: My name is Aundraya Duarte. I’m from Boston Massachusetts, but I live in Orlando Florida. I am Sophomore at Keiser University studying Sports Medicine to become an Athletic Trainer. Before I came to college, I never knew I would love sports medicine as much as I do. I am experiencing alot of new things about health and the body in this field. After I graduate for my Bachelor’s degree, I plan to attend college again to get my a Master’s degree for business. I eventually want to start an Athletic Training business once I have a successful start after my Bachelor’s. When I was younger I grew up playing basketball and hoping I go to college for it and go pro. But things changed after I got injured and did not play for the rest of my Senior year and I lost hope in playing. I choice Sports Medicine because I love health and learning about the body, and I also love sports. I still wanted to feel connected to the sport and enjoy doing my job at the same time. I want to help players with their injuries and get them back into shape. This is a major that I’m passionate about and my goal is to become very successful and have a business in this field.

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