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RESEARCH PROJECTHUM 2010: Contemporary Artists2CERTAIN VOCABULARY WORDS TO USE THROUGHOUT THE PAPER: a) Color- pigments used. Value refers to the relative lightness or darkness of a hue.Saturation or hue intensity is the strength of a hue. Is it applied thinly or thickly? b) Line- these are the overall vertical, horizontal, and/or curvilinear lines within the piece.Imagine if you made the work into a “color in the line” children’s page. What does itreveal about the design of the work? c) Function- the purpose of the piece. Was it originally in a church or temple? Was the vaseused to hold water? Or was it for personal adoration? THE FORMAT OF THE PAPER:a) Introduction- This is a place to briefly give an overview of the artist, the period andgenre of art they occupy, and any historical context. b) Thesis statement has to include “The author of this paper will.” It is best to include themain topic and then outline what the support will be by using the word(s) “due to/because.” Three supports are suggested.c) Description- Within the paper there should be a 1 ½ to 2 page thorough description ofpiece or pieces from the artist.d) Body- Start developing the thesis statement by writing about each point within the thesisstatement in a paragraph or two each. The body should expand on the artist, theirinspiration, method, and more.e) Closing- It should focus on tying up the thesis statement.WRITING STYLE AND ORGANIZATION: • APA style• Your paper must be 6 pages in length. This does not include the cover page or referencespage.• Grammar is correct; spelling is correct • Paper is well-organized and understandable• More than one source of information is used to arrive at a new point of view, minimumof four secondary sources. No DOT COMS• When the ideas of other writers are used, acknowledgment is made with in-text citationsand quotation marks, when appropriate; very long quotations should not be used in ashort paper – summarize the words of someone else in your own words and give credit tothe person who had the idea first• In-text citations need to be used.

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