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Readings:Valeria J .Freysinger and John R. Kelly chaps. 1,2,

Readings:Valeria J .Freysinger and John R. Kelly chaps. 1,2,

Readings:Valeria J .Freysinger and John R. Kelly chaps. 1,2,7,11, & 12(so we need two resource sited from the book chapters, If you have the book, that will be great, if you don’t, first prepare the 2 outside of class sources and I will sent you the readings pictures later.) Please use some normal words, english is not very good, around college freshmen level would be great) Paper must be typed, stapled and ready for class. Each paper must utilize our course text as a reference in addition to two (2) credible outside sources. (USA Today, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, CNN, Cincinnati Enquirer, and/or an assortment of scholarly journals that can be accessed via the MU Libraries website would be permissible.) The purpose of these papers/debates is to allow you the opportunity to think further about and integrate the readings on a topic discussed in class. Please remember that a strong argument must offer credible evidence. (ARGUMENT=CLAIM + EVIDENCE)Specifics on format of the paperYour paper should include (a) a general introduction to your position (b) body of the paper that includes your arguments or rationale for your position, and (c) a conclusion.1) Typed, double-spaced, 1′ margins, 10-12pt. font.2) Length: 3 pages including references at the end of the paper. No title page.3) At the top center of the first page, put a title that indicates your topic and your position (i.e., Affirmative Action – Pro)4) Your paper must incorporate/use 2 class readings and at least 2 outside of class sources (i.e., article from magazine/journal, book chapter, etc.). That is you must express an ‘informed’ opinion.5) You need to utilize at least one supplemental resource during class debate- examples are video clip, magazine article, poster, song, etc. 6) Sources of information must be cited within the body of the paper and within a reference page.

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