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Read ‘ The Pedestrian ‘ ( 1951 ) by Ray Bradbury 1.As you re

Read ‘ The Pedestrian ‘ ( 1951 ) by Ray Bradbury 1.As you re

Read ‘ The Pedestrian ‘ ( 1951 ) by Ray Bradbury 1.As you read, do a 20 points write around 2. Complete the questions given with the story: 1.Describe the setting. Provide as many details as possible 2. Describe the society in which Leonard Mead lives3.Explain the possible reasons that Leonard Mead does not fit into this society4.Why does he keep all of his lights on?5. Bradbury uses repetition of words and images to establish the tone or mood of story. What is the tone? What specific words or images does Bradbury repeat to help establish the tone of the story? Identify at least three words or images.6.Mead is taken to the Psychiatric Center for Research on Regressive Tendencies. What does “regressive” mean? Why would he be taken there just for walking down the street?7.What might have happened to this society that there would be no crime, but that walking would be considered criminal behavior? What is Bradbury suggesting about society (theme)?8. What social trends does Bradbury observe and see as potential problems for society?9. What potentially harmful trends do YOU observe in today’s society?10.How do you think television, computers, smart phone, or other modern technological devices could be used to suppress or control people’s thinking?11.Does “The Pedestrian” comment on features of our present society? If so, which ones? How are we like the world of Leonard Mead?12. What aspects of technology today do you see as isolating people from each other?

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