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Purpose of Assignment In today’s ever expanding globalized w

Purpose of Assignment In today’s ever expanding globalized w

Purpose of Assignment In today’s ever expanding globalized world, countries are joining ranks and forming trade alliances to expand their economies. They eliminate trade barriers among their group and provide low cost labor to nations seeking to outsource their production. The myriad of trade groups globally have also increased new foreign direct investment opportunities for multinational companies. Therefore, the intent of this assignment is to provide students a more thorough understanding of globalization and its nuances. Assignment Steps Resources: Suggested but not required: Moran, Theodore. (2011). Foreign Direct Investment and Development. New York, NY: Columbia University Press. Search the Internet for vendors who sell this book or inquire about it with a local library.Compose a minimum 525-word (total word count for all points stated below) response to the following:Define globalization and identify three of the traditional, international trade theories that support the concept of globalization.List and explain the two major drivers of globalization and provide two examples of each.Appraise the pros and cons of global outsourcing by multinational companies. Provide details of how global outsourcing has affected your company, business or industry.Describe foreign direct investment (FDI) and how it affects world economy.Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines. at least 2 peer reviewed references and add in-text citations

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