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240 / a loin of seven steaks = 240/7= 34.286 loins = 35 loins rounded up. You could order a

bit more (36 or loins), giving you extra if a guest like Oprah sends her steak course back

multiple times as she so often does.

I would expect that you use common sense when writing the specifications. Consider that

salads will have multiple ingredients, appetizers will likely have a sauce with them, and the

entrée should come with a starch and a vegetable.

Do you need:

A) Fresh? (No frozen options for major items)

C) Size: individual serving size? Table size?  Kitchen size? (see specification examples below).

Include: USDA grades as much as possible

Specification Examples:

Keep in mind that a large list of items as in your project would have specs that list the company first,

then all of the multiple items that you would buy from them grouped together.

Ketchup (ordered in three different sizes),


5 cases

US Foods Brand

1oz “to go” squeeze tubes/360/case


2 containers

US Food brand

3 gallon plastic container

(used to refill table top ketchup bottles)


4 cases


Hunts Brand

16oz bottles & 48 bottle per case.

Whole Flounder

, 110 each


1 lb average size

Packed in ice

No substitute

Crosby’s Seafood


, 2 cases

Emery’s (A special “Packer’s Brand”)

16oz plastic jars / 16/Case

Plastic re-sealable jars

Can substitute Packer’s Brand for Sysco’s

Premium brand

4) Group all Purchase Specifications by Company.

After creating Purchase Specifications for all

ingredients, you need to list/group them by Purveyor.

Imagine using 200 ingredients and five purveyors. If you do not group ingredients together by

purveyor, you will need to read your 200 ingredients list five times, or each time you call to place a

food order (1,000 times). When you group them by purveyors, you only read the 200 item list once.



Your awesome menu may have over 200 ingredients, broken into Product/Purchase Specifications. You

will call five purveyors to order the food:

Limehouse Produce


17 items

Acme Seafood, Inc.

6 items

Specialty Foods, Ldt.

3 items

Roma Food Corp.

172 items

Geechie Boy Grits, Inc.

2 items


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