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Practicing Source/Quote IntroductionsSubmit AssignmentDue We

Practicing Source/Quote IntroductionsSubmit AssignmentDue We

Practicing Source/Quote IntroductionsSubmit AssignmentDue Wednesday by 11:59pm Points 10 Submitting a text entry box or a file uploadDue Date:Wednesday 2/20Directions:Review: Incorporating Quotes in Research. STEP 1: Select one passage from Dweck, Hilton or Kohn article and write it here, word for word, no mistakes, every word exactly as it appears in the text.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________STEP 2: Using the five steps above, pretend this is your first time using this passage in your essay, and write a sentence in which you introduce him as a source. Please include: his name, his credibility, the article title and the purpose of the text.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________STEP 3: Select one of the transition verbs above and write a sentence incorporating the direct quote using a comma to offset the quote and quotation marks around the quote. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________STEP 4: Add a parenthetical citation. This is the page (or paragraph) number on which the information appears, listed between parentheses after the citation. Also include the writer’s last name if it is NOT included in the signal phrase above (which is probably is). Remember—only last name page number. NO commas, or any other marks: ( ).STEP 5: Now, imagine that this is the second time you are using this same article in your essay. Write down below how you would introduce the same quote you wrote above as the second instance of Gladwell use.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________PreviousNext

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