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POL 100 I Exam #1 Total 125 pointsDue Date: February 22, 201

POL 100 I Exam #1 Total 125 pointsDue Date: February 22, 201

POL 100 I Exam #1 Total 125 pointsDue Date: February 22, 2019From the Videos (5 points each—10 points total)According to the YouTube video “”This is Atoms for Peace and Development” what are the goals and responsibilities of the IAEA?(5 points)According to the video “What does the World Bank Actually Do” when did the World Bank begin, what are its two main goals, and what are their primary concerns? What is their position on the issue of “enforced resettlement?”What are the similarities and differences between the World Bank and the IMF? (5 points)From Current Events and class discussion (5 points each—20 points total)From the YouTube video “Emmanuel Marcon vs ‘Yellow Vests’” describe the reasons behind the protests in France and what policies of President Marcon led to the unrest. What are the positions of both the far-left and far-right concerning the protests? How has the protests impacted the political standing of President Marcon? (5 points)From the videos and class discussion, describe the crisis in Venezuela and the position of the Trump administration concerning the presidency of Nicolas Maduro. What is the position of the OAS (Organization of American States) on the crisis there? What is the view of both Russia and China? According to the February 1 article in The Economist “Venezuela: A chance, at last, for liberation” how can Maduro retain power? (5 points)According to videos in class and class discussion, describe the peace talks between the United States and the Taliban aimed at ending the 17 year war there. What are the main negotiating positions both of the US and the Taliban? (5 points)After watching the YouTube video “Trump Foreign Policy 2018” review the record of the administration and President Trump internationally in 2018. What were the main foreign policy positions explained in the video”? (5 points)From the Geopolitical Affairs PowerPoint (5 points each—10 points total)What are the “Four Pillars of Power?” (5 points)What is “soft power?” In what ways have the Obama and Trump administrations used soft power? (5 points)From POL 100 Notes (25 points total)Define geopolitics. (5 points each—25 points total)Why was the United Nations formed? Was the UN the first attempt at creating an international organization? (5 points)Answer the following questions about the United Nations: (5 points total)What is the mission of the Security Council? Who are the permanent members of the Security Council?Where the International Court of Justice located and what is are its primary responsibilities?List and explain the functions of three UN specialized agencies. What is the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights? Describe the documents origin and comment on three of the rights guaranteed by the document. (5 points)List the five countries with the largest economies in 2018-2019. What is the G8? What do they represent? What country in the G8 was suspended in 2014? (5 points)From Supranationalism and Devolution (15 points total)Define supranationalism and devolution. (5 points)Describe the European Union and the African Union as an example of supranationalism. (5 points)Use Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia as examples of devolution. (5 points)From Terrorism by Walter LaquererWrite a review of the article “Terrorism: A Brief History” by Walter Laqueur.(5 points)For 5 points each, after viewing the YouTube videos about each group, write a paragraph about each of the following state department listed Foreign Terrorist Organizations: (5 points each—25 points total)ETA (Basque Freedom and Liberty)IRA (Irish Republican Army)LTTE (Tamil Tigers)Hamas (Gaza Strip)Hezbollah (Party of God)From POL 100 Notes Part II (5 points each—15 points total)What are the policy differences between the “environmentalists” and the “environmental skeptics?” Define “sustainability.” Provide an example of sustainability. (5 points)What is the current population of the world? What are the estimates for world population in 2025? What are the five largest countries by population? (5 points)According to Jeffrey Sachs in The End of Poverty how can poverty be eliminated in the next twenty years?What is the definition of extreme poverty according to the World Bank? How many people is it estimated are considered to be living in extreme poverty? (5 points)

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