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Please, watch the following videos, choose one (1) and provi

Please, watch the following videos, choose one (1) and provi

Please, watch the following videos, choose one (1) and provide your comment on the selected video of your choice and reply to two (2) of your peers. Not until you engaged with two students to a topic your participation will not be score. Is an incomplete assignment. If you only states that agree with your peer without any other participation will not be graded. It has to be a meaningful input. Topic 3 and 4 must be completed before the Final Exam. It will be closed by Dic 16. Dr. Nunez REPLY TO PEERS ( 3)SHIKINAH WILLIAMS Programming your mind for successCOLLAPSEWhat we think in our head and our minds or ideas have an impact in our lives. Sometimes we have self-limiting thoughts and tell ourselves that’s “ we can’t do certain thing “. I like the Quote she said “ Your Destiny is determined by the choices you make choose now choose well. “ I like this because it makes you think about your actions and why we do what we do because we are responsible for good and back actions. You have to program your mind for success, and train your thoughts that everything you do will succeed.Raydel Santana Cespedes Programming my mind for success.COLLAPSEIf I had been in that speech seated at, I had been the first going to get my $20! It is incredible how limitations make us non moved in our life. Fear, obstacles, lack of motivation are the principal thing that stop us every day. As the speaker said: ‘You just have one live in which to achieve everything, that you are going to achieve, so you have to act accordingly. Real truth. Lets program our minds to success, this is the only chance you will have.Geidys Del Valle Programming your mind for successCOLLAPSE I really liked this video about ‘programming your mind to success’. What she was saying are things that we need to hear more often to help us to stay on track and focused on what we want. I loved the experiment that she did. I remember when I was little I used to be the first one to volunteer for almost everything, from school activities to birthday’s parties. But nevertheless now, sometimes I even avoid making eye contact with my professor because of the fear of not knowing what he may ask me to do or say. So many times I have lost great opportunities because I think incorrectly, instead of encouraging myself to do something that I know It might take me to where I want to go, I just let my mind control me and just let my opportunity go away.This video made me realize how important is to know what we really want and stick to that and achieve it. Visualize our goals in order to stay focused and positive is key too. If we let our minds control us and keep building negative thoughts we are just going to keep changing plans and might not get anywhere. We live in a world where distractions are everywhere and life gets harder and harder, depression and anxiety try every day to take us off the track. But work hard and stay positive will help us to clean our path a little bit, as she stated in the video ‘success is not an accident, you have to make it on purpose’.

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