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Please research and do a short write up on a current event r

Please research and do a short write up on a current event r

Please research and do a short write up on a current event related to an area of interest in tourism and hospitality . These current events must be culled from reputable news sources and cited correctly. The world of (sport, tourism ,hospitality management) many different things of interest going on in the news that are reported on almost every day. Your goal is to find and report on an article within the industry that deals with issues of management or ethics. While I love talking sports and what happened in the Eagles the night before, these types of articles cannot be used for this assignment. Remember, this is a time to fill in your classmates on interesting and important things going on in STHMProvide the exact title of the article (1 pt.)Cite the article correctly using APA format (2 pts)Provide a brief summary of the article in 3-4 sentences (3 pts)Provide a reaction to the article where you take a position on the issue within the article, indicate how this could potentially impact you personally, as well as your area of interest within STHM. This section should be 2 paragraphs (4 pts)The write up should be no longer then two-thirds a page single spaced.*The proper citation form is American Psychological Association (APA style). There are numerous formatting manuals you can use to learn about APA. One of my favorites is the Owl at Purdue ( The current event article is :…Please do not incorporate any other sources

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