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Please read the attached case study ‘Revenue Management at A

Please read the attached case study ‘Revenue Management at A

Please read the attached case study ‘Revenue Management at AmericanAirlines’ and answer these three questions as a case report essay NOT AS question following answer.APA styleQuestions:Make a list of some of the issues that will need to be resolved if American Airlines decidesto routinely charge different prices to customers in the same class of service.Would you expect these revenue management techniques of charging differential pricesbased on the target customers’ willingness to pay for change order responsiveness,delivery reliability, schedule frequency, and so forth to be more effective in the truckingindustry, the outpatient health care industry, or the hotel industry? Why or why not?Sometimes when reservation requests by deep discount travelers are refused, demanderstake their business elsewhere; they “balk.” At other times, such demanders negotiateand can be “sold up” to higher fare service like United’s Economy Plus. If Unitedexperiences fewer customers balking when reservation requests for the cheapest seatsare refused, should they allocate preexisting capacity to protect fewer seats (or more) forlate‐arriving full‐fare passengers?

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