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Please make sure you respond to my question and two other cl

Please make sure you respond to my question and two other cl

Please make sure you respond to my question and two other classmates response to my question to receive full credit for class participation and attendance.Question:Please tell me three things you learned from Chapter 5 that you didn’t know prior to reading the chapter.Chapter 5- Digital Security, Ethics, and Privacy ObjectivesAfter reading chapter five, you should be able to:Define the term, digital security risks, and briefly describe the types of cybercriminalsDescribe various types of Internet and network attacks (malware, botnets, denial of service attacks, back doors, and spoofing) and explain ways to safeguard against these attacks, including firewallsDiscuss techniques to prevent unauthorized computer access and use, including access controls, user names, passwords, possessed objects, and biometric devicesExplain ways that software manufacturers protect against software piracyDiscuss how encryption, digital signatures, and digital certificates workIdentify safeguards against hardware theft, vandalism, and failureExplain options available for backing upIdentify risks and safeguards associated with wireless communicationsRecognize issues related to information accuracy, intellectual property rights, codes of conduct, and green computingDiscuss issues surrounding information privacy, including electronic profiles, cookies, phishing, spyware and adware, social engineering, privacy laws, employee monitoring, and content filtering

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