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Please edit the essay exactly as it is in the workshop….Bu

Please edit the essay exactly as it is in the workshop….Bu

Please edit the essay exactly as it is in the workshop….Build interest in your second paragraph.If you keep your opening to only one sentence, then you will have plenty of content to include here that builds towards your request to ban plastic bags at the end of this paragraph. To build sufficient interest make sure at least three or four sentences appear before the sentence that directly states your request. Avoid implying your request; make sure you state it on the record. Reduce Resistance – Next Body Paragraph.Without this critical section, your message is incomplete and will not succeed. Speak directly to the main objections or points of resistance you think Arjun will raise and address them fully. Here’s where your planning and research will support your counter-arguments. You did an excellent job of this during our discussion on Monday; now capture them here in your message. Use this section to really sell Arjun on the major benefit you’ve highlighted in previous sections of your message. What that major benefit or selling point is depends on your message and what you decided to focus on. Take the initiative here and identify what the next reasonable step to take is to help make your proposed idea a reality at Harvest Grocery. Avoid ending with any of the cliched phrases listed in your course text and course pack. You began your message on a strong note, end on a strong one, too.

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