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Please come to your classmate post : In the nursing field p

Please come to your classmate post : In the nursing field professionals do intervention studies or clinical trial to ascertain the effectiveness of any nursing program or the possible underlying project. Although, in some cases, several elements affect and compromised the intervention studies. The most appropriate intervention studies are done within the shortest possible time, allowing to make essential changes. However, it is not useful to implement the strategies. Hence, this paper explains a short but effective critical evaluation of the problems that affect intervention studies. Managing the participants’ needs to narrate the story is a big obstacle. Actually, in every intervention program, the participants will give their story that is recorded. Ordinarily, greatest of the quasi-experiments are designed to qualitative research methodology that relies on conducting the interviews and surveys in many cases. Some participants might expect benefits when interviewing them (Park et al., 2014). Accordingly, the intervention studies will be compromised if the research does not cater effectively to their expectations. Some participants are reluctant to allocation groups. In fact, effectiveness of any studies will require the proper cooperation of the participants that will facilitate their response in saving time and conducting the studies within the scheduled time. There is an issue related to illiteracy among the participants which may affect the quality of a specific study results. Moreover, when the participants are illiterate, they may tend to have a poor correlation with the program. Accordingly, it affects the way they perceive the study and problems of interpreting the question may be experienced. Dual roles and duties of the nurses affect the program at the field level (Giger, 2016). The nurses will be required on the ground to carry the study. At the same time, the nurses need high organization skills for the research and mobilize the participants. Some nurses get easily exhausted in the event and cannot appropriately conduct the study as expected. Hence, the elements affect the entire intervention studies program. In conclusion, intervention studies face several problems and barriers which definitely affect their results. Therefore, it is imperative toidentified in a timely manner in order to get accurate results in any study..

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