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(Please answer according to each question before the answer

(Please answer according to each question before the answer serial number listed)1. Identify title(underline it), author, and copyright date of your novel2. Identify Publishing Company, Place of Publication (one city only) and Date of Publication(mostrecent date)3. Write a short I or 2 paragraph biography of the author. Pick only 3 or 4 pieces of impoinformation4. Study the Setting by telling where and when the story takes place. Next give two exampleswhich show your where and when taken from your story. Remember, if you copy the examples,you must use quote marks and give the page number in parenthesis after the quote. Number them5. Name three important characters and in a few words identify their role in the stor6. Describe a main character’s thinking and feelings in the beginning of the story. Then explain whathappened to the character and how the character has changed (in his/her heart and/or mind) by theend of the story.7. Write a 2-3 paragraph summary of the story briefly discussing the characters, setting, and plotsure to include situation at the beginning, several examples of rising action, and the conclusion8. Evaluate your novel by explaining what you liked about the story and what you didn’t like. Youmust give examples from the story to explain your opinions. If your example is a quote, show pagnumber in parenthesis(#)after your quote You must give at least one negative and one positive9. Identify the theme of your story by answering one of the following questionsa. What is the meaning of the story? What can a reader learn from the story?b. What can you learn about what people do or what happens to people based on theexperiences of the characters in this story?10. Choose 10 college-level vocabulary words you found in your novel. Copy the sentence you foundeach in. Underline the word. Put quotation marks around the sentence and put the page number inparenthesis after the sentence. Identify the part of speech of your word as it was used in the sentence(N, V, Adj, or Adv). Write a short definition of the word as it was used in the sentence. See thebelow:’A good example of his blustering spirit seemed to have evaporated. ‘(86)def: acting in a loud,boastful way, POS Adj

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