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Planning Employee EngagementImagine that you hold a leadersh

Planning Employee EngagementImagine that you hold a leadersh

Planning Employee EngagementImagine that you hold a leadership position within an organization. Create an outline of an employee engagement plan to create optimal engagement, retainment, and productivity. You might consider methods of engaging staff through orientation, decision making, focus groups, etc. Select and describe at least five strategies for engagement and explain why they will benefit the organization.Submit your assignment by Day 7.Articles/ReadingsCappelli, P. (2008). Talent management for the twenty-first century. Harvard Business Review, 86(3), 74–81. Retrieved from This article looks at how the talent management is being handled by organizations in order to be able to forecast and effectively meet talent needs.Lawler III, E. E., Pringle, A., Branham, F. L., Cornelius, J., Martin, J. (2008). Why are we losing all our good people? Harvard Business Review, 86(6), 41–5 1. Retrieved from authors of this fictional case study aim to help you understand why companies lose people. It is argued that people often are compelled to stay or leave a company based on emotional reasons, and once they are unhappy with a situation, it usually is too late to implement a change necessary to compel an employee to stay.Nonaka, I. (2007). The knowledge-creating company. Harvard Business Review, 85(7/8), 162-171. Retrieved from article examines what can be learned from Japanese companies in relation to knowledge-creation techniques.Norton, W. I., & Sussman, L. (2009). Team charters: Theoretical foundations and practical implications for quality and performance. The Quality Management Journal, 16(1), 7–1 7. Retrieved from: The authors explore team charters as a viable tool that can be used to link corporate strategies to activities on a team level.

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