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Persuasive Essay Timed Writing

Take a stance on one of the prompt topics and support your claim with reasons and examples. Construct a 3- point thesis that states your claim+ three main ideas. DO NOT argue both sides. You do not need to write a rebuttal. Stay in 3rd person, but you may use “I” if you are describing a personal experience example. Avoid you/your as much as possible.
Your essay must have an introduction with your thesis at the end of it, 3 or more body paragraphs that support your thesis, and a conclusion paragraph. Use transitions in the topic sentences and within the body paragraphs to improve the flow of the essay and keep it organized.
Develop each body paragraph with an equal amount of examples and details. Make sure that the examples are supporting the thesis and specific main idea for that paragraph. Examples should be introduced with transitions such as, for example, for instance, to be specific, to illustrate, or one such case is. If you are not providing any examples to support your point, you will have a very weak paragraph and essay. Provide as many specific details as possible! Draw from your personal experience, testimonials (examples from friends and family) or make up hypothetical examples.
Allow yourself at least 10 minutes to proofread your essay. Check that your thesis, topic sentences, and examples are clear and support your claim well. Next, check for sentence clarity and proper punctuation.
Note**You are not required to incorporate quotes from the textbook readings. However, if you do, do not use more than one short quote per body paragraph, and make sure you put quotation marks around the quote and cite the author article and page #. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER OUTSIDE SOURCES FROM THE INTERNET OR LIBRARY.

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