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OverviewBeing able to recognize whether information or sourc

OverviewBeing able to recognize whether information or sourc

OverviewBeing able to recognize whether information or sources are factually accurate will assist you greatly as you learn more about your industry, and it will also help you protect yourself against misinformation. For this assignment you will gather and evaluate information from several different digital research sources to compare and contrast their credibility.What You’ll NeedPick a topic about a company, recent event, or subject of your choice. You are encouraged to choose a topic or recent event related to the industry or field you are targeting for your career, but you are not limited to these. Some samples are listed below. A company: Netflix, or a competitorRecent events: The business and financial decisions of major companies (such as the NFL Super Bowl, FIFA World Cup, or Olympics)An industry topic: The impact of video game piracy on the PC gaming industryPrepareSelect your topic as described above. Conduct research using at least two (2) different online information sources, at least one (1) of which must be from one of the EBSCOHost databases provided in the online library of The Los Angeles Film School: LA Film Library Resources.Explore some of the research and search databases provided this week. Go beyond common search sites such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Find at least two (2) different articles about your selected topic, each from a different source.Review the Ten Cs concepts from this week’s Lesson activity. Review the Professional Research Evaluation Guide activity that will assist you with this Project.CreatePrepare a written report or a slide show presentation that analyzes the information from each of the two articles. You might choose to create a text document with Word or a slide presentation with Keynote or PowerPoint. You may include screenshots, images, or other visuals to help explain your findings. You do NOT need to write a summary of the articles you chose. You only need to include the following information in your report:State the topic that you decided to research.List the two articles that you selected, with full citations and URLs.Use the Evaluation Guide provided and answer the questions listed for each of the two articles.After answering the questions for both articles, include a brief summary (1–2 paragraphs)explaining which of the two research articles you believe is the most reliable, and why you came to your conclusion. Be as detailed as possible and use examples from your Evaluation Guide answers.SubmitInclude your name and student number with your submission. Compress and upload your file to the LMS by the Sunday night deadline (11:59 PM PDT). Alternately, you can provide an accessible (non-private) link where your submission can be viewed. You can add this link to a Word document and submit the document to the LMS.

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