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Operating Systems (OS)’ Your labs and readings this week foc

Operating Systems (OS)’ Your labs and readings this week foc

Operating Systems (OS)’ Your labs and readings this week focus on how to discover and extract hidden information from an operating system. Some malicious code is hidden very well, and we must develop the skills to find it. After you’ve completed your lessons and labs, address the following:Everything we do with a computer leaves a footprint. In a few sentences explain any tools you have learned about which are included in the Microsoft Windows Operating system to review these digital marks. If you haven’t found any, do some research and return here before posting your initial reply. What are your favorite tool(s) that are Linux-based allow us to monitor processes in a Linux System? How do you think the information collected from these tools assist us in a malware case? Can you recommend any other tools, either within the OS, or from the Internet that can be used to explore events and logs? Share with your classmates, and provide links to any useful resource you find.After reading a few classmate postings, reply to the ones where you learned something new, or have something to add. Interacting with your classmates is an important part of your learning at Strayer.Additional post option: In Linux, how much information can be gained from viewing the BASH history

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