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online payment companies in china as comparison to abroad (8

online payment companies in china as comparison to abroad (8

online payment companies in china as comparison to abroad (8000 word)Discerption:-To start with, an abstract will give a short brief introduction on topic. An introduction will mention the main points and clarify it. This thesis will be divided into three section.The first section is going to talk about the history of online payment companies like, how did it start from the beginning from Paypal (see PayPal wars book), and then how did Alipay and wechat pay companies started it up with idea? and how it is competitive in China? The second section is going to discuss about the fundamentals (financial statements e.g.) of this sectors and how does online payment companies operate, profit and evolve to gotten spread fast and widely in many other industries, and what are their impacts on the Chinese market? This will give a general idea about online payment sector. (general statistics analysis)The third section illustrates the comparison between Chinese third-party online payments companies and international companies in the same sector (PayPal, apple pay, Samsung Pay e.g.), the comparison will be based on statistics analysis. Also, it will give solution on how will these Chinese firms reach to the international markets outside china and what are the gains and losses possibly to occur of going broad. Please also provide inside citation and reference outside the paper. (in-text citation)example of reference APA:(Faust, J., Rogers, J.H., 2003. Monetary policy’s role in exchange rate behavior. Journal of Monetary Economics 50(7),1403–1424.) or linksources:

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