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Oncefeedback on your module 3 discussion board is obtained,

Oncefeedback on your module 3 discussion board is obtained,

Oncefeedback on your module 3 discussion board is obtained, you will refinethis short response into a fully developed reflection paper, offeringthe opportunity to revise submitted coursework by integrating newsources of information and determining relevance of existing sources.For this final reflection paper, you will be required to further youranalysis of the strengths and weaknesses of attribution theory as itapplies to your understanding of your own behavior. Additionally, youwill need to document ways in which the information from your text islacking and what gaps in this information might be addressed to furtherunderstand the usefulness in using attribution theory. Using thisinformation you will formulate a question for research based upon gapsin existing research.The revision process will also offer the opportunity to enhancewritten communication skills and build on critical and analyticalthinking and problem-solving skills. Final papers must be 3 pages inlength and double spaced (this does not include a title or referencepage). Here is the module 3 discussion board: This board will serve as the pre-writing activity (see syllabus) forassignment one requirements. You are required to describe the strengthsand weaknesses of using attribution theory to understand how we perceivethe actions of others. Make sure you explain what attribution theory isand consider its usefulness in understanding people’s actions,attitudes, and behaviors. You will then write a short reflection(minimum of 350 words) that incorporates an example from your own lifeinto a response. Responses should include a definition of attributiontheory, an evaluation of strengths and weaknesses, and an applicableexample from your life. Responses must demonstrate a high level ofcritical and analytical thinking and problem-solving skills whenrelating experiences back to attribution theory and its supportingsocial psychological research from class materials. This response willbe the foundation for your assignment one reflection paper. *Hint, although fundamental attribution error is a flaw in how humanbeings attribute behaviors to people it is not necessarily the onlyweaknesses of using attribution theory. This is my response that needs fixing: Accordingto, ‘attribution is a concept within socialpsychology which describes the process by which individuals explain thecause of behaviours and events that they perceive’. We judge peoplebased on their behavior, but we disregard how they are feeling in themoment, thus possibly judging them falsely. Some strengths of theattribution theory include; effectivness at predicting behaviours whenthe cause was properly identified, explains how cultural/societal normseffect perception, and can be applied to individuals of any age, in anyenvironment. The attribution theory can help us judge a personcorrectly, regardless of how they may percieve themselves, if we findthe root of the cause on why they are acting that way. Some weaknessesof the attribution theory include; perception of events is different forthe individual and the observer, biases and social consensus can changeperception, and that other causes might be ignored.The attribution theory has played a huge role in my high schoolcareer. I was never the best at mathematics, specifically Algebra, butnontheless, I would study for four hours everyday by myself, and twice aweek with a tutor, to improve my grades. Although I wasn’t the best inmath, I flourished in subjects like English, history, literature, andArabic. I even went on to taking AP World History in tenth grade, butthat still didn’t change how my math teachers viewed me. They viewed meas a student who didn’t study, didn’t put any effort or time intolearning the material, and overall just a lazy student. I was alwaystrying to change how they percieved me by trying to participate inclass, but that still didn’t change the fact that the problem was that Ihad test anxiety. I would practice at home and get everything correct,and practice with a tutor and have them tell me that I should be acingthe test, but when the time comes for me to take a test, I would faileverytime. This lead to my math teacher having a parent-studentconference, and him bashing me on my efforts and scores, with both mymother and the teacher not believing that I could have test anxiety.This was a nightmare in my high school career, as they did not look atoutside events to figure out the root of the cause, but instead, justjudged me on not being able to pass his exams.

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