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Nursing assessments and how we obtain them vary greatly betw

Nursing assessments and how we obtain them vary greatly betw

Nursing assessments and how we obtain them vary greatly between pediatric patient’s vs adult patients. With children, you are mostly getting the history and background of illness from the parent or caretaker, where in adults, you are able to ask the patient directly to tell you what is wrong. Vitals differ between the pediatric patient vs the adult patient. The vitals of a pediatric patient are different from when they are infant’s vs when they are school aged and the nurse must be able to tell the difference. When trying to obtain assessments with pediatric patients, nurses need to able to adjust the way they interact with the child. Pediatric nurses have to explain procedures and diagnosis to parents in one way, then again explain in it a way the child will understand; with adult patients, you can give logical answers and explanations and they will usually understand (Hamstra, 2018). Play is used more often with pediatric patients than adults to explain procedures and diagnosis (Hamstra, 2018). When I work with pediatric patients, one example I always give them for the Spo2 monitor, is that I need to give their finger a hug with my finger hugging device. I always use it on myself or their parent first, and then try with them. I also am not afraid to use bribery with stickers for rewards and distraction to complete tasks. In my clinic, we use play tactics often to get the assessments we need so we can make them feel better as soon as possible. It is important to consider the developmental stages children are in because the way you assess one pediatric patient who is 3, is definitely not the same as assessing as an 11 year old (Hamstra, 2018)Hamstra, J. (June, 2018). Four major differences between pediatrics and adult nurses. In Retrieved from…*******Please respond to the discussion above add citation and references :}********

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