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** Must Be Original Work* * NO PLAGIARISM**Only the four que

** Must Be Original Work* * NO PLAGIARISM**Only the four questions on the bottom need to be answered. About 1 Paragrapg for each. 1. What is More’s Law? and do you think it is still relevant today, please explain why.2. Your company tasked you into building or finding the perfect data center.In your own words, what are the criteria for a good data center and what are the benefits for the company, find a data center here in the USA that has all those criterias?3. Explain IOT or sensor networks to me by using an example.4. Crypto currency is one of the biggest applications of blockchain. Why is it so popular here, what are the advantages of using it in the financial industry and what are the disadvantages.Each question is created so that you have to answer in your own words. Copy/paste from the internet will be punished, even if you would use citations.To give you some guidelines, turn it in should not show more then 10% similarity, so that means that the majority of your answers are your own words.

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