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Literature Review ProjectThe purpose of this assignment is

Literature Review ProjectThe purpose of this assignment is to expose you to one of the most important steps in conducting original research. A literature review is a report that provides an overview of significant literature (peer-reviewed articles, books, dissertations, and etc.) published on a topic in a given discipline. It is NOT a simple summary of a collection of articles and books. It is the foundation of one’s research where she/he justifies the importance of her/his research by placing her/his theory/argument in the context of the existing literature.This assignment is designed to facilitate your abilities to research a topic of study so you can learn to (1) identify and formulatean question that is important to the field of a study (2) effectively usethe library and the Internet in locating literature (e.g. books, journal articles, etc.); (3) summarize and analyzeinformation; and (4) synthesize new knowledge into a written literature review and (5) establishcontext for your inquiries. Steps in completing this assignmentChoose a topic in the field of world politics/international realtions that you are interested in studying.Formulate a research question on the topic of your choice and provide your intuitive answer (argument) to the question. This will be stated in the introduction of your final paper along with the reasons why this question is important politically and academically. This portion of the assignment is worth 20 points.Select at least10peer-reviewed journal articles, books/book chapters, dissertations and make an annotated bibliography. In selecting documents to be reviewed, make sure to include arguments that are both supportive and critical to your argument(s). This portion of the assignment is worth 40 points.Organize your articles by sorting and classifying their findings by comparing and constructing them. The organization and analysis has to consider your original topic and inquiry question. Write your review by synthesizing articles, books/book chapters, dissertations, etc. The minimum page requirement for your final paper is 7 pages. This portion of the assignment is worth 100 points. You will post a PowerPoint slides (about 10 slides) as part of class presentation. This portion of the assignment is worth 40 points.

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