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I have combined two assignments to create this one… I thi

I have combined two assignments to create this one… I think it fits together better and is more meaningful. The purpose of this assignment is three-fold: Give you practice at working with data and tables…. believe it or not it’s a skill many struggle with.Provide you with an opportunity to go through a work flow that is generally done by land managers in some fashion or another. I have made this work flow pretty simple so you can grasp the basics.Introduce you to how to calculate stocking rates and think about dietary overlap between livestock and wildlife… and in this use a little bit of systems thinking in considering both livestock and wildlife… particularly the last section related to selecting a grazing method. Here are the steps to completing this assignment:1. Watch the Crafting a Basic Grazing Plan lecture.2. Review the homework assignment and create a data table as instructed using this data. 3. Complete the homework… I have highlighted all information to be included in homework in yellow so that its clear. Please submit one single well-organized file.

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