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Human Resources Course Project

The team management plan will describe how the team members for the project will be acquired and the length of time they will be needed for the project. The project team is the group of individuals who complete the work for the project and is overseen by the project manager. Project team members can be part time or full time, depending on the project and the organization. For example, a programmer working on an IT project may also be working on other projects so can dividing time between each project. A carpenter may be full time on a construction project during a specific phase.

Leadership Theories and Models 
Describe what leadership styles you have and how you will lead the project management team based on leadership theories and models. Describe at least two theories or models.
Motivational Techniques
Discuss the techniques you will use to motivate your project team.
Team Performance Measures 
Explain how you will measure individual and team performance by the project team.
Conflict Management Strategies 
Describe the various strategies that can be used to handle conflicts in project teams.
Team Decision Making 
Discuss the methods you will use to make decisions by the project team.

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