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Homework-3 All problems are from the Levine – Text-Book – E

Homework-3 All problems are from the Levine – Text-Book – Edition 8HW-3 is due on Sunday 24th at 11 PMSubmission:This assignment can be done by any one of the alternatives listed below. As indicated on page 165, you need simple excel arithmetic formulas for this assignment Do it manually on paper/pencil… scan and attach as 1 pdf documentUse excel – Simple EXCEL Arithmetic formulas and attach 1 excel workbook (each problem on separate worksheet)I have assigned ODD-numbered problems for home-work. Please note that answers to the even numbered problems are given at the back of your text-books. Chapter 4 : Problem Numbers 4.15, 4.21, 4.25Submit the Whole assignment in 1 EXCEL Work-Book. Each solved problem in a worksheet.

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