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Hello, I’m taking a classEngineering 101 and our project wa

Hello, I’m taking a classEngineering 101 and our project was to build an emergency bridge (Iattached a picture of the bridge, however the picture only shows youwhen the bridge is closed ‘folded’)I need you to write a coupleof paragraphs (or even if just two). I attached a rubric for the essaybut I only want you o write about ‘Results and Discussion’ sections. **Asfor results we passed the test and the bridge was supposed to hold 2 lband our bridge held 50 lb. we passed the deployment test too whichmeans that the bridge was steady. However we failed the ‘container test’which means our bridge did not fit in a container box that it wassupposed to fit in **The rubric has different sections to write about again I just need you to write about ‘Results and Discussion’you don’t have to have graphs and tables so i asked my instructor about this

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