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For this lesson’s discussion, we will be exploring argument

For this lesson’s discussion, we will be exploring argument.please its should be 150 word or little more, A basic assumption is that argument exists everywhere and that we need to learn to participate productively in all forms of argument, including those we encounter at home, in school, on the job, and in the national and international spheres. Such participation is critical not only in a democratic society but also in a global society, in which issues become more and more complex each year. This course will teach you the skills necessary to be able to identify controversial topics that are ‘at issue,’ to read and form reactions and opinions of your own, and to write argument papers that express your individual views and perspectives.To test the idea that arguments can be found everywhere, in this discussion you will do two things:1) post an example of an argument, and2) explain why it can be defined as an argument.Look for examples in a variety of contexts: newspapers, magazines, online, television, film, music, sermons, other college classes, conversations, other printed material you find at work, at school, and at home.These examples could be letters to the editor, comic strips, bumper stickers, employee evaluations, and advertisements (commercials, billboards, magazine ads, and the like).In your first post(your response to my discussion question), please provide 1) a clear description of the argument, 2) a link to/picture of the argument with a complete source citation in MLA format, and 3) the issue being presented. This is most easily achieved by completing the statement ‘The arguer [fill in the name of whothe arguer is] wants us to believe [fill in whatthe arguer wants us to believe] because [fill in whythe arguer wants us to believe this].’Here is an example of the type of analysis I am looking for:In Dan Piraro’s Bizarro! cartoon, which appeared in the September 12, 2016, issue of the Los Angeles Times, two Colonial-era protestors are holding signs exclaiming ‘Make America Flat Again’ and ‘#Never Magellan.’ In this panel, the arguer Piraro wants us to believe that voting for Donald Trump is voting for the archaic past. Using Trump’s campaign slogan ‘Make America Great Again,’ Piraro exchanges ‘Great’ with ‘Flat’ to highlight his belief that a vote for Trump will return America to the dark ages. By adding a hashtag to the forefront of ‘Never Magellan,’ Piraro is arguing that the flat world past and the current Twitter world (which uses hashtags #) are incongruous.The issue being presented by Piraro highlights the current presidential campaign for the Republican nominee, Donald Trump. His campaign slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ was first parodied as ‘Make America White Again.’ Piraro has taken the slogan even further by exemplifying what he feels Trump means when he wants to make America ‘Great’: Piraro is arguing that Trump wants to return America to a less advanced society in some regards but to keep some of the modern advances, such as Twitter.Source: Piraro, Dan. Bizarro. 9 Sept. 2016, (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

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