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For these assignments, you will present and write a formal

For these assignments, you will present and write a formal proposal. A proposal is an offer to solve a problem or fulfill a business or organizational need. The goal is to persuade, so it’s important that you analyze your audience and deliver your proposal to persuade them to accept your ideas. The assignment is complex, with five separate assignments and each builds on the one before it. You are expected to use feedback from each assignment to improve on the next. The assignments are designed to guide you through the development process.Part 2: Preliminary ResearchIt’s important that you evaluate each source you will use to make sure it’s credible and useful for your purpose. You will submit a list of three sources you plan to use:One source you will use to assess your audience’s position, concerns, motivations, etc.One source you will use to identify the need/problem that your proposal addressesOne source you will use to analyze what other companies/organizations are doing in relation to your idea (i.e. a ‘market analysis’).You will also address the following to explain what key information you’ll get from the source and why the source is credible:A brief summary of the source.What are the main arguments/ideas? If someone asked you about the content in this source, how would you answer?A brief assessment of the source.Verify that the source is credible by analyzing and explaining what makes the source authoritative, what makes the source’s information and/or methodology reliable, and what the source’s intentions or agenda may be in publishing the information.Reference the following handout for further explanation on how to assess sources: Research 101 – Evaluating SourcesA brief reflection on how/why you will use this source for your proposal.For each source, include a citation using APA style. Beyond that citation, all info you provide should be in complete sentences. Please use the following template to compartmentalize and document the necessary details: Proposal Research Submission – Template.docx

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